Leadership Team

Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Chief Operating Officer

In May of 2023, Rick Jones was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Alder Foods, a promotion from his previous position as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, which he had held since 2019. Currently, Rick is at the helm of all of Alder’s operations, utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to lead the company toward further accomplishments.


Lori Reddick

National Sales Manager

Lori became a valued member of the Alder Foods team when she joined in November of 2017, assuming the role of the Southeast Regional Manager.


Sheila Lamkin

Senior Manager Brand & Sales Analytics

In September of 2022, Sheila became an integral part of the Alder Foods team, assuming the role of Senior Manager – Brand & Sales Analytics within the Marketing Team.


Angela DePino

Senior Manager, Brand & Sales Analytics

Angela joined Alder Foods in May 2018. With a background in the military, Angela’s tenure includes successful management of various suppliers within the Military business division.


David Hipple

Director – DeCA HQ Sales

In 2018, David became an esteemed member of the Alder Foods team, assuming a pivotal role that involves overseeing DeCA headquarters coverage and effectively managing multiple category-leading suppliers.


Justin Fisher


Since October 2013, Justin has been an integral part of the company, overseeing various aspects of the accounting cycles, including financial reporting, treasury, audit, internal controls, and budgeting/forecasting.


Maryellen Gabrielle

Director Of Operations

Meet Maryellen, a seasoned professional and the longest tenured employee at Alder Foods since 2000. With her unwavering commitment and systems expertise, she plays a pivotal role in driving productivity and efficiency across the company.

In 1963, Alder Foods was founded by Paul Keating Sr.  In 1997, Michelle Keating joined Alder and in 2007 Michelle acquired the company from her dad as he retired.  In 2016, IMB Development Corporation, LLC, a private investment firm based in Bethesda, Maryland and led by Tarrus Richardson made an investment in Alder Foods.  In 2019, Michelle retired and sold her remaining interest to IMB.

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