The DeCA Sales Process

Is your brand ready for the Military Commissary System?

Here are some requirements that should be met first:

Your brand should rank in (or near) the top three (3) in its respective category.
Individual skus should rank at or near the top ten (10) in their respective sub-categories.

Your brand/skus should show positive growth.
Having syndicated sales data (IRI, SPINs, Neilsen, etc.) showing this is highly recommended

Your brand/skus should have some type of uniqueness as well as be innovative and/or cutting edge to set them apart.

Your brand MUST be sold in at least one (1) retail outlet or supermarket chain.
Documented proof of this is required

Your brand must provide DeCA with a 30% price savings vs. the average, everyday retail pricing.

Your brand/skus cannot exist on another DeCA contract.
This includes current or expired contracts

Your skus MUST be GSDN and GTIN compliant.
To learn more about GDSN and GTIN compliance, click HERE.

Your skus must have a Universal Product Code (UPC) with bar codes that can be scanned.

If your brand meets all the above criteria, the next step would be to contact us!

The DeCA Sales Process

+ DeCA Business Drivers

Learn how Alder Foods can help your brand reach the military market. 

DeCA requires all items to be GDSN compliant, with strict guidelines on new product introductions.
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