At Alder Foods, our marketing team works with our supplier partners to develop dynamic marketing strategies to foster trial purchases, build brand loyalty, and establish continued growth in the DeCA Commissary.

Examples of some of our marketing initiatives include:

Military Food Broker


  • Expert pricing analysis to hit the shelf price sweet spot:
  • Optimized and dynamic price-volume targeting
  • Must have: Savings vs. outside the gate, as targeted by DeCA
  • Competitive pricing monitoring
  • Seasonal Specials


  • In Store Demo Programs
  • Coupons & IRCs (Military only, digital and paper)
  • Seasonal Promotions (Holidays/Superbowl/Halloween)
  • Customized POS materials
  • Club pack and Shipper programs
  • End cap displays
  • Case Lot Sales
  • Sales Incentives


  • Alder sells in the two largest military channels: the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) commissaries as well as Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) exchanges
  • Super expertise in critically important Planogram Management for placement on shelf
  • Alder’s distribution reach is worldwide to include the entire continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific Rim
  • Worldwide reach for supplier partners comes with one Alder delivery point in either VA or MD!


  • Category Analysis and SKU Prioritization
  • Annual/Biannual Business Reviews with our Suppliers
  • Speed to Shelf Analysis
  • People
  • Passionate Experts
  • Working with you as a Team
  • Delivering on Sales Growth targets
  • We’re Accountable!

Learn how Alder Foods can help your brand reach the military food market.

Military Food Broker

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