David Hipple

david-hippleDavid Hipple
Director – DeCA HQ Sales

In 2018, David became an esteemed member of the Alder Foods team, assuming a pivotal role that involves overseeing DeCA headquarters coverage and effectively managing multiple category-leading suppliers.

Before joining Alder, David garnered valuable experience working with another worldwide military broker, where he held various roles, including that of National Accounts Manager, responsible for DeCA headquarters. Additionally, his extensive background includes five years at the Defense Commissary Agency, further enriching his expertise in the field.

With a passion for contributing to the military community, David previously served on the ALA Commissary Council as the co-chair of the Patron Awareness committee, actively working to enhance awareness and support.

Furthermore, his dedication to continuous improvement and professional growth is evident as he holds certification from the Category Management Association, further validating his expertise in his field.

David’s educational foundation was laid at Campbell University, where he earned a BA in Business Administration, providing a solid base for his successful career.

Currently residing in southeast North Carolina, David finds joy in family life with his wife, Jamie, and their son, Landon. Together, they relish fishing and spending cherished moments on the water, accompanied by their beloved chocolate lab, Hank.

With a wealth of experience, dedication to his profession, and a love for his family and the outdoors, David exemplifies a well-rounded and accomplished individual within Alder Foods.

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