Alder enjoys a Technology Edge that pays big dividend to supplier partners. The Edge derives from deep knowledge of Military legacy systems, as well as the flexibility and agility to deal with rapidly changing requirements. Armed with those abilities, Alder’s tech team deploys tools that create real competitive advantage.

The back-office team at Alder has an average of 15 years of tenure. The Military Resale legacy system expertise that results is broad and deep, translating into sharp execution and pinpoint troubleshooting for orders, deliveries, inventory and accounts receivable throughout the military resale supply chain.

This is a period of rapid change for Military Resale IT/IS. Many legacy systems are being rewritten and/or replaced, some with completely different platforms. Alder Flexibility and Agility are manifested by smart choices and investments in forward looking technology (e.g. EDI, AS2, GDSN, EBS, BI), and the ability to create cutting edge tools for our Sales Team and for our Order Management Team.

Components of Alder’s Technology Edge

  • Simple Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Continuity
  • Application Expertise

Our overall technology architecture is remarkably simple, making data mining a rich, powerful, and painless experience. Our OS400 based ERP software is highly secure and creates a pool of incredibly rich data. Our only other mission critical application is a BI tool: MicroStrategy, which has dramatically reduced and or eliminated cycle time for providing decision making info to front line sales reps and throughout the back office for order and inventory management.

All critical Alder systems are hosted at a former military secure data and communications center located in Brunswick, Maine. Our Walpole MA HQ network is secure and hardened with redundant internet facilities delivering 99.9% connectivity and systems availability.

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Game Changing Tools

  • Speed to Shelf reporting that pegs max ACV in 30 days
  • Proprietary 856/EIT exception reporting quickly identifies hot spots to keep sales growth on track
  • Order Management Tools keep Fill Rates at over 97%, and spoilage rates at “best in
    class” even on short code dated product
  • Weekly competitive intelligence gathering
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