Lori Reddick

lori-reddickLori Reddick
National Sales Manager

Lori became a valued member of the Alder Foods team when she joined in November of 2017, assuming the role of the Southeast Regional Manager. Recognizing her exceptional skills and leadership, she was later promoted to the position of National Sales Manager in January of 2022.

Before joining Alder, Lori had a successful career with the Nestle Military Sales Division, where she adeptly handled Commissaries and Exchanges in the Southeast from 1991 to 2008. Her dedication and achievements earned her a promotion to Regional Manager, a position she capably held from 2008 to 2017.

Her journey in the industry began in 1987 as a part of the Johnson and Johnson Military sales team, setting the foundation for her impressive 36 years of experience in the military channel.

Currently residing in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Lori enjoys a blissful life with her happily retired husband, Robert. Their family extends internationally, with their oldest daughter Triesta and her husband Todd, a Marine Corp member, stationed in Naples, Italy, along with their two children, Wyatt and Makayla. Additionally, their youngest daughter Christina and her husband Eric reside in Clavesana, Italy.

With her extensive experience and strong family ties, Lori brings a unique perspective and dedication to her role within Alder Foods, exemplifying a seasoned and accomplished professional.

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