Maryellen Gabrielle

maryellen-alder-foodsMaryellen Gabrielle
Director Of Operations

Meet Maryellen, a seasoned professional and the longest-tenured employee at Alder Foods since 2000. With her unwavering commitment and systems expertise, she plays a pivotal role in driving productivity and efficiency across the company.

One of Maryellen’s standout abilities lies in pricing and margin analysis, a skill that has significantly contributed to fostering growth in new brands and ensuring profitability in existing product lines.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Maryellen finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. Alongside her husband, Peter, she shares a passion for riding their Indian motorcycle, embarking on thrilling adventures together.

When they’re not hitting the open road, Maryellen and Peter embrace their inner child as dedicated Disney fans. Their love for the magic of Disney has brought them closer, fostering cherished memories as they watch their family grow. With their children settling into married life and the delightful addition of grandchildren, Maryellen and Peter revel in the beauty of family bonds.

Maryellen’s journey at Alder Foods and her vibrant personal life exemplify dedication, expertise, and a heart full of love for both work and family.

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