Exceptional Teams

Selling to the military requires a different set of capabilities than the more traditional retail channels. We take an innovative approach to the distribution, sales and marketing of food products to the military markets. Our teams offer experience that's unrivaled in the industry.



National & Regional Sales Team

Alder's sales force includes 6 Regional Managers, who work side-by-side with our brand brokers in their given regions, as well as a field reps covering every base worldwide. With signficant resources allocated to sales, Alder is able to act quickly on opportunities as they arise at store levels. 


Regional Account Managers

Alder's internal customer support team, known as Regional Account Manager’s (RAMs), play a significant role in the success of managing and moving inventory.  Our RAMs place all orders, manage the distributor inventories and make sure that there is always product moving through until it sells through the store.


Field Representatives

Alder's Field Representatives call on the store level, ensure all authorized items are in stock and placed according to the approved plan-o-gram, specifically place all new items, sell secondary display locations and coordinate demos and coupon programs specific to Alder products.


Creative Marketing Department

This team manages in-store demonstrations; develops sales incentive programs; creates, manages and coordinates coupon distribution; organizes special displays; and performs sales and market analysis. Alder’s marketing department provides the sales team with the support they need to generate brand recognition and ensure the success of all the products in the Alder portfolio.


Detail-Oriented Finance and Operations Teams

Alder Foods has developed a state of the art, computerized accounting and management system. Our system provides “real time” data, giving Alder the ability to make fast, accurate ordering, inventory and expediting decisions. This is especially critical when dealing with highly perishable products. We use EDI and EFT data transmission at every level of operations. Alder’s ERP system is fully integrated with accounting and sales operations, providing fast, accurate accounting and sales reporting information. With a highly redundant cloud-based architecture, we securely manage all invoicing and sales reporting; purchase all product directly from our suppliers; track and account for every vendor credit memo (VCM) written at every store; and manage all accounts receivable due from the military resale system.


Learn how Alder Foods can help your brand reach the military market. 

One key attribute that is part of the make-up of Alder Foods is RESILIENCE. There are always opportunities servicing DeCA and on many occasions there can be significant challenges, however, Alder Foods has the EXPERIENCE and the TEAMS in place to manage the difficult days and continue to grow sales for our current brands, bring in current trends and continue to provide the best products at the best prices for our military.


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