Did you know?

In the commissaries, there are NO:
  • Slotting Fees
  • Private Labels
  • Mandatory Advertising Requirements


Did you know?

Commissary patrons save an average of 30% on their grocery bills - that's about $4,500 in savings per year for a family of four that regularly shops the commissary!


Did you know?

There are 12.6 Million eligible patrons who can shop the commissary!


Did you know?

FY 2014 Commissary sales reached $5.6 Billion!


Did you know?

There were over 89 MILLION customer transactions in FY 2014 in the Commissaries!



Why sell to DeCA?

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), headquartered at Fort Lee (Virginia), is an agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) that operates more than 246 commissaries worldwide. The average military family of 4 saves approximately $4,500 per year shopping the commissary.

The DeCA Market
* $5.9 Billion in Annual Sales (FY 2013)
* 12.4 Million Eligible Patrons
* 1.5 Million Active Duty
* 6.8 Million Family Members
* 56.6% of the active duty force is married

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