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Alder has a long history of partnering and pioneering brands into the Military channel. From organics to gluten free and allergen friendly, Alder has been on the forefront of these trends making sure that military families can purchase these products in the commissaries.
With over 50 years of experience servicing the military class of trade, Alder Foods proudly offers sales, marketing and distribution services on behalf of our supplier partners. Our leadership and management team have extensive experience working with our supplier partners fostering strong relationships in order to manage growth year after year.
At Alder Foods, we measure our success twofold: continuing growth we have buillt with our brands year after year and identifying key consumer trends that are a fit for DeCA and their patrons.  
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The success of Alder Food's seafood brand, Rainbow Seafood, is evidence of Alder's strategy of managed, focused growth. Rainbow Seafood has been providing high-quality seafood products to military commissary patrons worldwide for over 25 years.  At its inception, the brand had little share in the military market. By supporting the brand with promotional tools such as coupons, price specials, demos and various POS items, Alder was able to sustain continued growth of the brand.
Today, Rainbow is the #1 Frozen Shrimp Brand in DeCA with over 70% Dollar Share!




Learn how Alder Foods can help your brand reach the military market. 

Alder's strength is the ability to be on the cutting edge of new trends, pioneering these brands and building them into category leaders.

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